Statement from Microbio Ltd Board

23 May 2023 

For Immediate Release

Statement From Microbio

Microbio chair Mary Harney today announced the appointment of a new interim CEO following the decision of founding CEO and shareholder Paul Carboon to step away from the role.

Harney said that Colin Keating would assume the role on an interim basis while the search for a new CEO over the coming months was undertaken. 

Paul Carboon, who has led Microbio since its formation five years ago, has overseen its development to the stage where it has gained approval to sell its world leading Microbio Infect-ID BSI sepsis test in Europe, the UK and India.

Carboon said he was departing the role at a stage where the company is poised for growth.

“I am proud of the work the team has achieved during my time as CEO, taking Infect-ID from benchtop to market in five short years,” Carboon said.  

“Expansion into international markets demands a renewed commitment from everyone involved, as the company moves into the next phase, it is time to hand over to a team with expertise in international marketing.

“I also will be stepping off the board but will remain involved as an investor in this amazing company.”

Chair Mary Harney thanked Paul Carboon for his leadership during Microbio’s formative years and welcomed Colin Keating into the CEO’s role for the next stage of the journey.

“Under Paul’s guidance, Microbio made great strides forward and as we evolve, we have seen changes to the board and management team, in preparation for our growth into international markets,” Harney said.

“We have attracted new capital and are working to secure marketing arrangements in Europe, the UK and India in preparation for the introduction of Infect-ID BSI tests for clinical application in the second half of 2023.”

Microbio’s Interim CEO Colin Keating has an extensive background in guiding scale up and post start-up companies to the next stage of their growth.  He has previously held interim ‘C’ level roles in technology, finance, manufacturing and logistics organisations, developing, and executing growth strategies.  More recently, he was a NED and then CEO of MindBio Therapeutics, a clinical stage drug development company.


About Microbio

Microbio is an Australian scale-up biotechnology company based in Brisbane. The team at Microbio has brought together the latest advances in bioinformatics, genomics and molecular microbiology to develop a unique and revolutionary pathogen detection test. The Microbio team is working tirelessly to deliver their game-changing new test to the millions of patients who will benefit from better pathogen diagnosis. Microbio is actively seeking partners worldwide, especially in population health and virology, who will integrate this new information into their proactive regional and corporate testing protocols.  Additionally, Microbio is looking to work with pathology laboratory partners who can help deliver these highly specific results faster and to remote locations to improve health, regardless of a patient’s location.