Microbio is thrilled to celebrate its four-year anniversary today (Thursday, 21 July 2022). This
day marks four years of hard work and determination by the talented, growing team making
positive contributions to the health of people everywhere.

Microbio has gone from strength to strength in its first four years.

Recent international achievements include the clearance to sell Microbio’s flagship test,
InfectID-BSI, in Europe. This closely followed the company’s debut at the 32nd European
Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Lisbon, Portugal where
Microbio representatives presented posters.

Closer to home, Microbio moved into new headquarters at Brisbane’s Translational Research
Institute (TRI) in 2021. This move coincided with Microbio shifting its focus from discovery to
application of its InfectID suite of tests in the community. The TRI facilities will also help to set
up domestic manufacturing capabilities.

Staff numbers have grown with the company, from the two founders to a diverse, high-performing team of 14 full- and part-time employees. An increasing number of overseas consultants and advisers are joining the exceptional team.

As Microbio continues to achieve national and international recognition, the company has
benefitted from the services of internationally based consultants and attracted a number of
high-profile shareholders. The scale-up recently restructured to an unlisted public company,
backed by more than 50 shareholders.

The company’s success to date would not have been possible without the incredible talent
and dedication of Microbio’s passionate staff. Thank you to all staff that have been a part of
this journey during the last four years.

Microbio is proud of what it has accomplished and looks forward to many more years of
research and innovation to improve health and wellbeing around the world.

Queensland’s Microbio has become an unlisted public company in a move to position the biotechnology
scale-up for expansion into international markets. This move to public company status coincided with the company’s recent CE Mark of approval for the use of its revolutionary Bloodstream Infection test, Microbio InfectID-BSI in Europe.

Read more in the media release: 220705_Microbio_announces_new_status_as_an_Unlisted_Public_Company

Australian biotech scaleup, Microbio is set to break into the European market with its flagship
bloodstream infection (BSI) test. Following extensive clinical evaluation trials, the company has been granted a CE Mark, which has opened the door for distribution and use in Europe.

Read more in the media release: 220614_Australian_bloodstream_infection_test_cleared_for_sale_in_Europe

Microbio presented two posters at the 32nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), which took place in Lisbon, Portugal from April 23-26 2022. The Congress provided CEO Paul Carboon and European Regional Manager Dr Raffaella Giardino the opportunity to present Microbio’s bloodstream infection test to delegates interested in improving the management of sepsis.

InfectID-BSI comparison to blood cultureDownload
InfectID-BSI correlation with clinical metadata – v2Download

Queensland biotechnology company Microbio expects clinical evaluation trials of its InfectID-BSI tests to be completed next month, prior to launching in the European market.

US based Landrich Group is managing the trials at four locations in the USA, South America, India and Australia, undertaking a performance evaluation of Microbio InfectID assays.

Read more in the media release: 220412_Independent assessment of Microbio’s BSI test expected to be completed in May

Microbio CEO Paul Carboon talks with Simon Thomsen from Startup Daily about the capital raise that will help to facilitate the launch of our revolutionary bloodstream infection test.

Microbio is pleased to announce that following positive domestic pilot study results, its market entry plans for its flagship InfectID-BSI test, which has the potential for significant improvement in detecting bloodstream infection and sepsis, the world’s biggest killer.

Bloodstream infection (BSI) and sepsis result in 11 million deaths annually, killing more people than all forms of
cancer. InfectID-BSI is an in vitro diagnostic test which significantly improves patient outcomes by telling clinicians
within three hours of taking a blood sample which infection to treat.

Read more in the media release: 220328_Microbio_announces_capital_raise_to_launch_revolutionary_bloodstream_infection_test_in_Europe

Australian biotech company Microbio has been awarded an Australian Government Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) co-investment of $407,000 to enable the company to establish sovereign manufacturing capabilities in Australia for a test to identify potential biological threats.

The company will manufacture specific oligonucleotides, a unique component used in its product suite, which includes InfectID-BSI, InfectID-COVID and InfectID-SSBA: its patented one-tube, seven-pathogen test to rapidly detect Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBAs). 

Read more in the Media Release

Microbio is pleased to have its collaboration with QUT, DSTG and DMTC Ltd highlighted in the 2021 DMTC Annual Report. See page 27 for the write up.

International medical device and pharmaceuticals consultant Dr Raffaella Giardino has joined the team at Microbio to drive commercialisation of the product suite in Europe.

Read more in the announcement: 211214_Microbio_welcomes_Raffaella_Giardino

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