InfectID aims to improve outcomes for sepsis patients, by facilitating clear clinical decision-making with rapid and accurate identification of pathogens.

Specificity delivered in a single test
Find out if your patient has one of the 25 bacteria and yeast pathogens known to cause 94% of all sepsis cases
Reduce invasive blood taking
InfectID requires less than 1mL of blood, significantly less than the amount needed for blood culture
Detailed intelligence on specific infections
Where other tests merely report whether a patient is or is not infected by a particular pathogen, InfectID can detect even a few pathogen cells per mL of blood—allowing it to reveal the extent of an infection
Support Antimicrobial Stewardship
Fast results mean broad-spectrum antibiotics are used for only a limited time, if at all.
Prescribe targeted and effective antibiotics
InfectID identifies pathogen species, sub-species and Anti-Microbial Resistance, providing clarity for treatment and prescription decision-making.
No culture required
InfectID can be performed on whole blood.
Begin appropriate treatment quickly
From sample collection to results in less than 4 hours, removing the long wait for culture results.
Incorporate into current pathology processes
InfectID tests do not require additional equipment. The reagents are designed to perform in qPCR machines commonly found in pathology laboratories.

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