InfectID. A new paradigm in pathogen detection.

Preclinical testing of Microbio’s sepsis pathogen detection test demonstrates that InfectID is >98% specific. Results also show that InfectID can discriminate between closely related pathogens.
Dynamic sensitivity
Preclinical testing has indicated that InfectID can detect as few as 1,000 pathogen cells directly from whole blood without the requirement to preculture.
Rapid time to result
Preculturing is not required for InfectID. Preclinical testing has demonstrated a time to result in as little as one hour.
Rapidly adaptable
Microbio’s mature technology allows new diagnostic tests to be developed and in silico verification performed within days of receiving sample DNA of the target pathogen.
Microbio is in the process of developing a rapid antibiotic susceptibility test to determine if a species of bacteria will respond to known antibiotics.

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