Software Support

The following table provides a series of frequently asked questions for the support of the InfectID-Client software product. It is recommended that users refer to these points as the first stage of the support process. If further support is required then please log your request on the Feedback / Customer Support page.

InfectID-Client FAQ

Why does my client software freeze?

InfectID-Client has been known to freeze when operating system updates have been partially installed and are awaiting reboot of the workstation. It is advised that updates on the workstation are not performed while performing a qPCR run. To fix this issue please ensure that all operating system updates are up to date and completed. A reboot may need to be performed.

Why do I get an “Unable to update configuration or file data error <Unauthorized Access> error” when saving?

The problem is that the user does not have required file access permission to perform a file read, write, edit or delete. To fix this issue, request that your systems administrator grant “Users” full control to the directory “c:\ProgramData\Microbio”:

  • Open file explorer and navigate to the directory “c:\ProgramData\Microbio”
  • Open the property window for “c:\ProgramData\Microbio”
  • From the “Group or user names:“ section, select the profile “Users“. Click “Edit“ button
  • In the “Permissions for Users“ section, select full control. Click “Apply“ button, then “OK“ button.
Why is there no qPCR equipment available for selection?

This is caused by there being no qPCR OEM software that is approved for use with the InfectID-Client application being present on the workstation. To fix this, install the qPCR OEM software that works with the qPCR equipment and restart the InfectID-Client application.