Software – InfectID-Client

Current Version: V1.1.22

The Microbio InfectID-Client software is to be used in conjunction with InfectID-BSI test kits by qualified qPCR laboratory personnel. Users must receive adequate training to competently use InfectID-Client software. Users must be familiar with the contents of the manual provided. Software is available for download through distributors. Contact Microbio to find your distributor.

InfectID-Client – Create New Run

InfectID-Client is located on the PC or laptop that controls the qPCR device. InfectID-Client performs seven key tasks:

  1. Configuration: Allows the user to configure the qPCR run specific to the InfectID-BSI assays being used (eg. Bacteria assays 1-6, Yeast assays 1 and 2) and communicates this run configuration to the qPCR device.
  2. Monitoring: Monitors progress of the qPCR run and communicates this to the user with an on-screen display.
  3. Analysis: Analyses the qPCR output using Microbio intellectual property (IP) to deliver accurate, reproducible and consistent results.
  4. Reporting: Provides summary and detailed reports that can be viewed on-screen or printed.
  5. Integration:  Includes the ability to import and export data using generic file formats for use with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and other reporting functions that may be required by laboratories.
  6. Error notification: Provides on-screen alerts for well configuration errors and qPCR Run time errors including qPCR results that fall outside pre-set limits.
  7. Archiving: Manages completed qPCR run data in a run archive so that it can be recalled and reassessed as needed.

Real-time PCR cyclers

InfectID-BSI test kits are for use on:

  • QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q
  • Additional qPCRs coming soon


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